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A ProSomnus sleep appliance.
Sleep Apnea

If you have already been diagnosed with sleep apnea, tried a CPAP mask and struggled, or just suspect you may have a sleep breathing issue because you feel tired or snore, we can help! We facilitate the process from sleep study and diagnosis, to customizing the ideal treatment plan for you, and finish up with all the follow ups to make sure that you breathe, sleep, and feel better. 

A woman asleep at her desk at work.

Has your healthcare provider said you have “TMJ”? Do you struggle with jaw pain, popping, limited opening, painful chewing, or morning headaches? We can help! The key to treatment for TMJ is a complete exam, diagnosis and a tailored plan to address your specific condition and cause. TMJ diagnosis and treatment can sometimes be complex, let us help you get the relief you deserve!

A woman in pain.

While we have experience in treating multiple dental conditions, we have restricted the services offered in our practice solely to sleep apnea and jaw pain disorders. This narrowed focus allows us to be highly trained using multiple different types of appliances and services available for these conditions. We want to work with your general dentist or medical doctor to help you receive the treatment you need.

Meet Dr. Sarah Humphreys. She has seen so many patients struggle with health conditions such as snoring, fatigue, pain, headaches, broken teeth, sore facial muscles. Her aim is to give her patients compassionate care by listening intently to their stories, completing a thorough examination, getting a proper diagnosis, and providing practical solutions to their sleep apnea, snoring, and TMJ/jaw pain concerns. Get to know her, she would love to help!

Dr. Sarah Humphreys

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