What We Do

We are a full service dental sleep medicine and TMJ practice.

We treat sleep apnea and snoring. We offer an alternative treatment option to CPAP therapy or surgery to help patients that have been diagnosed with sleep apnea or snoring. We utilize a variety of different dental appliances to support the jaw to help maintain the airway while you are asleep.

We treat TMJ, which can include true joint dysfunction or even muscle soreness. The number one reason people have pain in their jaw or face is from clenching the teeth at night. An orthotic appliance can be designed to deactivate the clenching muscles to minimize the damage to the joint, teeth and muscles caused by overuse or trauma.

We customize every treatment plan to the individual because there is no one size fits all option for treating sleep disorders or jaw pain. Schedule an appointment to find out how we can help you feel better.


Most frequent questions and answers

Do you snore? Are you tired? Has anyone seen you stop breathing in your sleep? Do you have high blood pressure? Are you overweight? Are you over 50 years old? Is your neck size over 16 inches? Are you male? 

If the answer to 3 or more of these questions with a yes, you are at moderate risk.

If you the answer to 5 more of these questions with a yes, you are at severe risk.

To further discuss your individual risk factors or schedule a sleep test, call us and we would be happy to walk you through any concerns or questions you might have.

We work with most major medical insurance companies for sleep apnea therapy. We will submit preauthorizations and give you an out of pocket estimate for your insurance payment and personal investment towards your treatment prior to beginning any therapy. We aim to be completely transparent in our pricing model so there are no unexpected surprises or unexpected costs.

After being fitted for your appliance we allow for a period of adjustment and then do a titration study. This home sleep study will be compared to your initial study to ensure that your apnea is resolved and to verify that the appliance is working.

We do everything we possibly can to ensure the appliances we use are comfortable. Part of the way we ensure this is by listening during our examination and selecting the appropriate device for you! There is not a one size fits all appliance that works for everyone. One of the major advantages of treating your sleep apnea at our practice is that we utilize many different types of appliances and have training with each of them. 

The initial appointment with our office is designed to get to know you. We obtain all relevant information about your history and current concerns to evaluate your risk for sleep apnea or TMJ. Then we make the diagnosis through obtaining a sleep study either in a local lab or via an at home telehealth model. Once diagnosed, we submit the preauthorization to the insurance company. As soon as we receive it, we can get started with your appliance. 

The reason we work with TMJ and sleep apnea patients is because oftentimes they are coexistent. Many patients that don’t breath well at night tend to clench their teeth. The clenching stresses the jaw joint and can sometimes be the first sign of a sleep condition. Many times a sleep screening is a good first step with our clenching patients to figure out the root cause of the issue.